About Us

EXPERIENCES OF A LIFETIME BEGIN HERE. Off to Work source, educate and inspire exceptional hospitality professionals who bring experiences to life...injecting passion and skill into everything they do. As the UK's premier recruitment, staffing and training company, we have sourced and trained the finest talent in the UK and beyond since 2000. Whether you join our casual team or partner with us for your next dream role in hospitality, we aim to help your career flourish. WHY OFF TO WORK: - Gain experiences of a lifetime. Be part of the action at Michelin-starred restaurants, five-star hotels, and internationally renowned sporting events and concerts. - Progress your hospitality career. Gain experience within our casual team and grow into a Team Leader, or start as a Commis Chef and shadow a Sous Chef before moving up the ranks. - Find your passion. Try different casual roles before asking us to find your dream permanent job.